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Final Fling by Rob Kantner

Final Fling

by Rob Kantner

508 pages
Private detective Ben Perkins returns to hunt a serial killer.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Husband of the year? Not Rip Brownlee. Not by a long shot. But no one not even Bonabell, his long-suffering wife thinks Rip deserved to end up dead, gutted like a fish in the back of his van. The cops call it the work of a random street crazy. Bonabell's not buying it.

So she calls in Detroit private detective Ben Perkins. Fresh off a year on break from the rough stuff he hasn't even bothered to replace his .45 automatic Ben's fighting fires of many flavors: girlfriend, family, job, cop. But he agrees to look into Rip's death.

Working his way through Rip's murky world of shady deals, skanky girls, and secret sins, Ben learns more than he'd care to. But there's even more he does not know. Rip's murder, while certainly crazy, was anything but random. From long ago and far away, Rip's killer draws closer by the day. And sooner rather than later, Ben Perkins will wish he had his old .45 back. . . .



About the Author
Rob Kantner Rob Kantner graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in English and journalism. Since 1995 he has been self employed as a business management consultant. Rob has three children, two grandchildren, and two stepchildren, and lives with his wife Deanna on their rural Michigan horse farm.



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