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The Diary of a Pilot by Archibald Doty Jr.

The Diary of a Pilot

by Archibald Doty Jr.

148 pages
Flying in China, Burma and India during WWII

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
When Burma fell to the Japanese in 1942 China's route to vitally needed supplies from the West was cut The only route remaining was now by air, involving a treacherous flight over the Himalayas("The Hump"),the highest mountain range in the world. Flights were commonly made at 15,000 to 25,000 feet in unpressurized, unheated, transports.

This book is a true account, supplemented by 41 photographs and drawings, of a pilot's life during the years when he helped to deliver bombs, gasoline and other supplies from India to China during this period, and when he later moved to China to manage operations at a B-29 base there. The B-29 airfields in China were the bases used for the first mass air raids on Japan.

It has been reported that operation of the aerial supply line over the Himalayan mountains cost the lives of three aircrew members for each thousand tons of cargo flown from India to China - a total of more than a thousand men.



About the Author
Archibald Doty Jr. After almost 5 years as a military pilot (Distinguished Flying Cross, two Air Medals) he spent 21 years working for the U.S. automobile industry and the U.S. State Department.

After early retirement he served in industrial executive positions.

Author of numerous published papers and articles; has been awarded five patents.



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