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The Fifth Field by Kenneth MacIver

The Fifth Field

by Kenneth MacIver

412 pages
Tale of love and freedom, of a man, a woman and a nation.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The Fifth Field is a tale of passion, oppression, love and perseverance. It powerfully portrays the drive for fulfillment of a poet, a woman and a nation.

It is the story of a youth and his mother who are caught in forces of prejudice, emigration, revolution, war and passion. Maccan Foley is conceived in violence, born in a caboose, raised in poverty and alcoholism, self-taught in history and mythology, befriended by a French priest, placed in political upheaval and literary enlightenment, loved and scorned by a beautiful woman, thrown into the Irish revolution, wounded in the Battle of the Somme, imprisoned by Germans, inheritor of a vast estate and tracked by a vengeful rival. His unpolished efforts in poetry and song make him known as a people's poet.

Danu Foley is forced into sex by a diabolical agreement with a Lord. Victimized by her husband's weakness, haunted by her oppressor, tested by illness and brutality, she embodies feminine profundity and, indeed, may represent Ireland itself. Danu Foley is unforgettable as a woman and is iconic as a character.

The book is filled with dramatic episodes from Irish, American and world history and enriched by an array of amazing characters both fictional and historical. It will appeal to readers who seek a great story, lovers of romance and fans of powerful historical and literary history.

The novel expresses the overlooked dimension of modern Irish-British drama, those who love for freedom led them from the cottages and streets of Ireland to the trenches of France. Young Maccan is one of the poets who followed the great cause and whose song is louder than the roar of the guns.

Above all this novel is the tale of a sensitive, struggling poet and a woman who rises above rape and abandonment and rises from hovel to mansion. It is also the story of Oliver Pray, Lord Cairns, killer of wild thing who ruthlessly forces himself upon Danu. His persona is dark, yet he emerges as a sympathetic figure.

The red haired Sadia is the love of Maccan's life. She toys with him, says she loves him but her real love is for property. She does not realize that Maccan will inherit more acres than she could have dreamed.

Brief but stunning portraits of such as John L. Sullivan, James Larkin, James Joyce, A.E., Oliver St. John Gogarty, Yeats and Pearse mark the pages of this book.

The Fifth Field is a tale with a great theme, great characters, great violence and great love.


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About the Author
Ken MacIver is a phi beta kappa professor of anthropology and sociology, author of many books on culture and acclaimed short stories. His knowledge of mythology, drama and history is shown in this powerful book where woman and man are tested in The Fifth Field, that faraway and ever present place of heroes.



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