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A Year in Sitka by Mark Deans

A Year in Sitka

by Mark Deans

296 pages
One lonely woman's inspiring story from scenic Sitka, Alaska.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
There arenít too many outlets for lonely people to express themselves. Sometimes such individuals talk to themselves, or to their pets which they treat as fellow humans. Sometimes they spend hours talking to God, which is great but not the same experience as speaking to someone face to face. Pen pals, online chat rooms, and so forth are other vessels of communication for these people. But for one of these individuals spending her life in solitude, a whole new concept has come about. You see, you are the vessel, or recipient, of this personís expressed hopes, dreams, fears and opinions. This person will be talking directly to you through the pages of this book.

Rachel Ford lives in Sitka, Alaska and has her entire life. She was born in the beautiful town or, as it is called, borough, of Sitka and has never left. It isnít that she loves Sitka to the point where sheíd only be happy in Sitka; she has never had a valid reason to leave. She would entertain the idea of moving elsewhere if there were a justifiable motive. She neither loves Sitka, nor hates it. Rachel is just accustomed to life there and doesnít know of anything else. She has never even left Alaska other than a couple brief trips to nearby Canada. Life for Rachel Ford is what you might call mundane or routine.

Rachel works out of her home, further isolating herself from society. She holds no grudges against humanity, things simply worked out this way. She does have contact with people while working as a licensed massage therapist. It can be a risky venture, but Rachel has maintained a steady base of customers. She doesnít speak too much with her clients as she feels this might not let them enjoy their massage to the fullest extent. Her clients seem to like her, but when they leave she isnít much more than an afterthought. Oh she might get a Christmas card or two, or even some baked goods on occasion, but for the most part Rachel is looked at by others as a casual acquaintance and not a friend.

Rachel has long, black hair and is average in height. She is a little pale, but when local temperatures rarely rise above the sixties, thatís understandable. She does her best to keep in shape, though sheís not a die-hard exercise nut. She has brown eyes and a nice smile.

Sitka, Alaska, the one-time capital of the state, is often referred to as one of Alaskaís most beautiful cities. It is located on the Inside Passage of the state; on the streaming array of islands that extend to the south. Itís a popular stop for cruise ships as well. The actual island Sitka resides on is Baranof Island, named after a Russian immigrant. Surrounded by mountains, spruce trees and the Pacific Ocean, Sitka provides photographers with ample opportunities for pictures.



About the Author
Mark Deans is a resident of West Michigan. High on the list among hobbies he enjoys is writing. Mark was inspired to write his latest fiction after a trip to Alaska. Mark has a unique approach to his stories and it takes about one year to finish them.



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