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The Cottages at Shelby Beach by Ethan Tyler Anderson

The Cottages at Shelby Beach

by Ethan Tyler Anderson

480 pages
Sex, murder and conspiracy destroy a revered summer resort.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Before there was a Las Vegas, there was a Shelby Beach. In this Connecticut shoreline resort, social taboos were relaxed. Generation after generation flocked here to enjoy summer pleasures.

Today, Shelby Beach is a staid suburban neighborhood. Murder, conspiracy, deceit and theft led to the change. This novel, the first by Ethan Tyler Anderson, describes the transformation of Shelby Beach through the eyes of Jacob Wessel, an occasional summer resident who becomes an unwitting participant and victim in the intrigue.


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About the Author
Ethan Tyler Anderson, a Professor in a small New England College, grew up in a resort area not unlike Shelby Beach. In this, his first novel, he draws upon his experiences and observations to craft a story that will draw you back to some of the places and people that you have loved in your life.



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