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What the Storyteller Brings by Robyn Y. Demby

What the Storyteller Brings

by Robyn Y. Demby

328 pages
The kidnapper in Rosaline’s story merges into real life

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Meet Rosaline, a young girl from Deep Creek High School who calls herself the storyteller. Every Tuesday, she and her friends meet in her room for girl talk. Then they move on to more exciting things like storytelling. In these tales of adventure, she even uses real life characters like her friends and this boy on which she has a crush. In one story, fifteen students get kidnapped. Her listeners keep coming back for more as they wonder what will happen as the women are herded through the woods like animals. It’s all just for fun at first, until bad things and people begin merging into reality—like one of the kidnappers. Now, Rosaline must get to him in her story before he gets to them in real life.



About the Author
Robyn Y. Demby Robyn Demby is a native of Chesapeake, VA. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Religion from Mount Olive College, North Carolina. Retired from the Air Force, she currently resides in Goldsboro, NC where she writes full time.



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