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First Aid For Dying Books by Wendy L Keller

First Aid For Dying Books

by Wendy L Keller

98 pages
Revive the sales of your under promoted book no matter how long it has been on the market.

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About the Book
Book sales slumping? Amazon numbers making you suicidal? Maybe your poor book never even got far off the ground? No matter how long ago your book came out, there's hope. If you self-published it, or were under-promoted by someone else, there is STILL a lot you can do RIGHT NOW to revive your book sales. Nobody else teaches you what you will learn here - how to make the Big Time as an author no matter how long it's been since your release.



About the Author
Wendy Keller is an author, professional speaker, literary agent and consultant. In 1989, Ms. Keller created a literary agency, Keller Media, Inc., and made a strong commitment to teach writers the invaluable skills of how to market and promote themselves and their message, not just get a mere book deal.



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