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Journey by Alan Cupp


by Alan Cupp

156 pages
Man seeks out the friend who tried to kill him

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
About the Book
The last time Martin Page saw his best friend, Tommy Higgins, was twenty years ago when Tommy shot Martin in the chest and left him for dead. To some extent, Martin Page did die that day. A transformation that began in prison has taken place, changing Martin from a menace to society to the devoted pastor and family man he is today. Only the physical scars and permanent limp remain of the old Martin. So why is it that after two decades, nightly visions of that fateful day have begun invading his sleep? Compelled by God and the need to forgive, Martin returns to his troubled past to find his friend and foe to finally offer true forgiveness and share how God has radically turned his life around.

Strained relations at home with his wife and daughter, as well as Tommy's unknown whereabouts, serve as barriers to getting this part of his life resolved. Yet, Martin knows this is God will. Over the course of his quest, Martin repeatedly survives tremendous adversity and danger, thanks to God's awesome providence. At the same time, Martin's wife, Anna, is at home dealing with a missing husband and a troublesome daughter. Focused on achieving the end result he envisioned, Martinís challenge is seeing Godís primary purpose for the journey.



About the Author
In addition to writing fiction, Alan Cupp enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, travel, sports, and fishing. Above all, he enjoys time with his wife and two sons.



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