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BLACK SAINTS, MYSTICS AND HOLY FOLK: The Ancient African Liturgical Church - Volume 1 by James Wesly Smith

BLACK SAINTS, MYSTICS AND HOLY FOLK: The Ancient African Liturgical Church - Volume 1

by James Wesly Smith

456 pages
Black Saints,Martyrs Lists of Early African Liturgical Christian Church

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About the Book
"Out of Egypt I called my son."(Hosea 11:1, Matthew 2:13-15). God had reason to do so! Did you know the traditions? In that:

Kemetian Kenites taught the Israelites about Yahweh? (See Jewish Encyclopedia).

African Pharaoh Akhenaton intuited,"There is One God!"? Thereafter, Jesus' tribal ancestors through Jacob came to Egypt.

Raised in Africa (Egypt)until 6/7 years of age, Jesus learned African language, thought, writing, mores, and folkways?

The Ethiopian Church still points to where the Holy Family rested and lived, escaping Herod.

Just before the Crucifixion, infirmed King Abgar the Black asked Jesus to visit? Christ couldn't go. He sent 40 disciples. The Orthodox branch knows their names. Jude Thaddeus Lebbeus, Yeshua's(Jesus')cousin went, healing the king.

Yeshua's Kemet(Egypt’s old name)experience precipitated the African Desert Fathers' and Mothers' monastery/convent movement? Here, we learn some of their names.

The Black Ethiopian Eunuch, Queen Candace's treasurer (See Acts 8:26-39) converted by Apostle Phillip, evangelized as a disciple?

Roman Emperor Constantine wrote a special communication to the powerful African Bishops during the First Nicean Council?

An African Bishop of Rome, St. Victor I, mandated Latin as the Church language in the West?

At least five Apostles and disciples ministered in Africa, including Jude Thaddeus Lebbeus and Matthew? Peter established a Babylon, Egypt Church prior to Antioch. Philip ministered in Queen Candace's court. That Mark (Gospel of Mark) and secretary to Peter and Paul was African?

Pharaoh Seti sent an expedition into what is now Russia? Some troops stayed, hence the Colchians/Kolchians. Later, Andrew, Peter's brother, with St. Clement evangelized parts of Russia. Hence, some of the Russian Church's traditions and ancient documents remained safely untouched by the European Reformation.

Jesus set up one Church. Apostles erected five pillars:
Jerusalem,Alexandria(Africa), Antioch, Rome, later Constantinople (Byzantium). Man split it. Regardless of the denominations' names and geography, the Church—the people of God—is rapidly in involution back together? (See Teilhard de Chardin, the Phenomenon of Man).

Black Saints, Mystics, and Holy Folk doesn't minimize, nor disparage any peoples' Church contributions. But ours had been stolen. This tome seeks at last to sew back the pages of OUR STORY ripped out through mass kidnapping and "asientos".

As European Churches fall away, the Church Oriental –in which all historic and geographic, Black African Diaspora branch members remain the spiritual progeny-- once again peers through the concrete of subjugation and into the light of evangelization. Africa again sends missionaries throughout the world, as Christianity also sprang from Africa.

Black Saints, Mystics, and Holy Folk (The Ancient African Liturgical Church, Vol.I)seeks to water the plant of our story's renewal, emphasizing our contribution in and to the Mystical Body of Christ.

This tome’s lists of 57,000 plus saints—Black and African friends of God-- shows our involvement from the beginning in the Universal Church, Oriental-- Latin Rite, Orthodox, and Coptic. We intend a second volume, 600 A.D. to present for the Advent season.



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