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Insider Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity by Harry Husted

Insider Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

by Harry Husted

168 pages
Obtain ultimate health, prosperity, and abundance now. Hereís how.

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About the Book
In todayís world there are too many people walking around without regard for what they are doing. They are blind to what is going on in their lives or what is happening around them. They donít take stock in themselves and what life has for them.

The problem is people donít understand that there are laws that govern us and work in our favor if we only accept and work in harmony with those laws.

Did you know that you are a bundle of energy? Scientists have discovered that every thought the brain produces creates electrical impulses. These impulses are electrical in nature. And what is electricity? It is energy. And what does energy do? It vibrates at a certain frequency.

Think about this. When you turn your radio on, you turn the tuner so as to lock in a certain radio station. Well what you are in fact doing is turning the tuner until your antenna matches up with the precise frequency of the radio station you want to hear. The frequency the station is broadcasting is matching up to the same frequency of your antenna. Now there is a perfect match and you hear the results through the radioís speaker. Basically speaking, when you think, you produce electricity, which in turn produces a frequency. When that frequency matches a frequency in the Universe, you end up in harmony or have a direct connection to the energy source. The results are whatever is at the source.

God created us with a brain and body that is very powerful. He also created universal laws that help control the energy our body releases and helps us use the energy we have for our good.

If we were to obey the universal laws, our brains would be in perfect harmony and would vibrate at the same frequency as the Universe. And if we were in tune to the Universe, God would give us everything that was based on that frequency we generated. The only problem is that most people donít know this. That is why this book was created.

Insider Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity not only helps you understand the universal laws, but it also shows you what steps you need to take to work in harmony with those laws. Once you start applying the principles, tips, and techniques contained in the book, you will see your life change dramatically within a very short period of time. Why struggle with life when you could live life in abundance.



About the Author
Harry Husted Harry Husted is a full time writer, author, and instructor. He has many books to his credit. Harry specializes in web content, SEO, copywriting, and ghostwriting. Harry teaches IT, business, and ESL online. Harry also teaches the Universal Laws. Harry also runs two businesses online.



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