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The Creative Activism Guide by Chester Davis

The Creative Activism Guide

by Chester Davis

220 pages
Applying formal techniques for business problem solving to social betterment.

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Category: Business:Management
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About the Book
The Creative Activism Guide describes dozens of tools and techniques for solving problems, generating new ideas, evaluating ideas, and selling ideas. The tools and techniques described in The Creative Activism Guide are useful for many critical tasks including advocacy, fund raising, program development, program improvement, and social marketing.

Readers will learn five principles of effective social betterment efforts. Tools widely used in business for generating new ideas are presented, with examples of their application to social change. The Guide also describes software for individual brainstorming and software for group problem solving.

Readers will also have opportunities to experiment with the tools and technques. New decision analysis tools that are described in The Creative Activism Guide could be used for practice evaluating, adapting, improving, and selling ideas. Some additional social innovations, presented in an appendix, could be used for more practice.

The final appendix in The Creative Activism Guide offers a detailed description of one program idea the author created and refined using problem analysis and idea generation techniques. This appendix serves as further illustration of how formal problem analysis and idea generation techniques can be used to promote social betterment. Readers can also benefit from trying to evaluate, modify, adapt, or sell the idea of fighting social pollution.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction

2 Creating a Strategy

3 Innovation Tools and Techniques

4 Asking Good Questions

5 Problem Analysis

6 Spotting Potential Problems & Opportunities

7 “Don’t Beg or Borrow, Steal!”

8 Design for Social Betterment

9 Brainstorming Tools

10 Brainstorming Software

11 Innovation Strategies

12 Making Better Decisions

13 Problem-Solving Groups and Practices

14 Collaboration Tools

15 Selling Ideas

16 Putting Everything Together

Recommended Readings

Appendix 1 – Advanced Tools

Appendix 2 – Some Social Innovations

Appendix 3 – Fighting Bad Ideas



About the Author
Mr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. He has spent over seven years studying formal techniques for idea generation and problem analysis. His business ideas and social innovations are posted on several Web sites. Mr. Davis has taught sociology, worked at a nonprofit organization, and conducted public policy research.



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