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by Donald Biggers

88 pages
Surviving cancer colorectal cancer irrigating the colon living life to the fullest

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Category: Health:Medicine:Cancer
About the Book
As human nature dictates, "No News Is Good News". So many times, even with warnings from our bodies, we put off a trip to the doctor.

Why? We feel if we don't go, we'll be O.K. Thus: "No News Is Good News". This is where the author made a life-changing mistake. His body had warned him that something was wrong but he just did not have time to go to the doctor. He was working three jobs and busy with family activities.

The last straw was on a warm, blustry day in October, 1984. While raking leaves, he developed an unbearable backache, forcing him to see the doctor. After an examination and tests, the diagnosis was Colorectal Cancer and in order to survive, Radical,Radical Surgery was the only chance for survival.

The surgery resulted in the removal of any organs that could have been damaged by the cancer that had attacked his body. Even after hoping and praying for a temporary colostomy, it was not to be. The result was a Permanent Sigmoid Colostomy. Hearing the word "Cancer" was bad enough but for awhile, was overshadowed about the things he had heard about people wearing "Bags".

Read the book to learn the results and what the writer, due to diligence and pride, discovered for himself. Now, after years, he is prepared to pass this on to others and hopes and Prays someone can use it and have the freedom in life he enjoys every day. Please check with your Physician before trying this or any other system. Enjoy the book!



About the Author
This is the first attempt at self publishing for the author. This book enabled him to maintain his sanity and to be the disciplined person he had always been before the colorectal cancer and the permanent colostomy.



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