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Gaiome: Notes on Ecology, Space Travel and Becoming Cosmic Species by Kevin Polk

Gaiome: Notes on Ecology, Space Travel and Becoming Cosmic Species

by Kevin Polk

300 pages
How living in space challenges our identity as a species.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
Gaiome (n) an artificial world that uses sunlight and natural ecology to sustain itself in space.

Given that space travel is no cheaper or safer than it was five decades and $600 billion ago, what will it really take to live beyond Earth? This provocative book combines permacultural design with an industry insider's insights to show how space habitation challenges not just technology, but also our identity and autonomy as a species.

Consider Earth's frontiers. Vast ecosystems made them habitable long before humans arrived. Not so in space. To live there, we must ourselves become pioneer organisms, building hollow worlds to house the webs of life that sustain us.

Discover what it would take to build these mini-Gaias and what clues they hold for our relationship with our home world. For unlike space colonies, which promised endless escape and conquest for today's extractive economies, gaiomes challenge us to live in local, regenerative ecologies, starting here on Earth.


"Winner! Bronze Medal (Science category), Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2008."



About the Author
Kevin Scott Polk is a Certified Permaculture Consultant with a Princeton astrophysics degree. He has managed a NASA data center, operated the Microphone experiment aboard Mars Polar Lander and created the popular 2sky star chart. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where he is active in city repair and organic gardening.



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