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The girl with nine toes by Ray Wilkins

The girl with nine toes

by Ray Wilkins

148 pages
A book about personal growth. A love story. A fantasy. A provocation.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
John Macmilan, the Prime Minister of Australia is caught between the past and the present. Because of extreme work stress and his diplomatic obligations he loses contact to his true life. He meets the girl with nine toes, who teaches him how to become more in contact with his feelings and emotions. John then goes through, the “challenges of a dreamtime”, that take place in the Australian bush, to find himself once again. He finds himself in a situation of life or death, where he must fight to survive. This is a very personal book taking the reader on an internal journey to himself. It is a story designed to bring hope and light into the shadows, to motivate and to uplift. Set in australia it teaches the basic philosophy of the Aborigines and the "Dreamtime".This is a coaching book not only concerning personal growth, but also a message to all World leaders. A love story. A fantasy. A provocation.



About the Author
Ray Wilkins FRSA grew up in Australia where he experienced the culture of the Aborigines. He has lived and worked in England, Switzerland, Crete, India and Germany. He is a professional coach, trainer, artist, practitioner of natural medicine, and songwriter. He runs the Barefoot School in Belgium.



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