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Poetry Lessons by Fred Beshid

Poetry Lessons

by Fred Beshid

264 pages
A minimalist poet falls for a pack rat artist.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
After having lived all over the world as a military brat, Henry David Kieller has come to Los Angeles where he hopes to find a home. His difficulty in overcoming his nomadic tendencies leads him to become a serial house sitter. As he spends his days seeking epiphanies, writing poetry, obsessing over Thoreau, and raising money for his charitable foundation, he wonders if he has a life. In 1995, dissatisfied with his lack of progress in settling down, he seeks the advice of Ken, his enigmatic Japanese barber and reluctant spiritual advisor. Ken convinces him he needs a woman and introduces him to artist Maggie Aveline. The differences between Henry and Maggie become readily apparent as soon as they begin dating; she's a pack rat and he's a minimalist. After getting to know each other better, they realize that they share fundamental values and desires. Will his love for Maggie inspire him to settle down?



About the Author
Fred Beshid is a freelance writer, artist and filmmaker. He was born, raised and lives in Los Angeles, California. Poetry Lessons is his first novel.



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