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Ones Like Us by Keonya Booker

Ones Like Us

by Keonya Booker

128 pages
Turning sixteen has never been more eventful.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Weeks away from her sixteenth birthday, Kellie Shaw’s world is torn apart by the sudden death of her mother, Lola. Flailing in a sea of anger, sadness, and despair, Kellie’s sense of security is shattered when her absentee father reappears after years of abandonment to take her to live with him and his new family cross-country. Kellie, a biracial teenager who has always identified with her black mother, is reluctant to give her white father a chance to undo the slights of the past.

As Kellie struggles with the tragic end of her mother’s young life, she has to begin the painful process of mending her own. All of this is complicated by a family secret buried so deep it threatens to destroy Kellie forever, leaving her questioning if everything she has ever known was real or simply an illusion.



About the Author
Keonya Booker is an assistant professor of educational psychology at the University of Virginia. She teaches courses in child and adolescent development.



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