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Ignite Your Creative Passion: 104 Insights and Ideas to Help You Prosper as a Musician, Artist, Writer, Actor and More by Bob Baker

Ignite Your Creative Passion: 104 Insights and Ideas to Help You Prosper as a Musician, Artist, Writer, Actor and More

by Bob Baker

42 pages
Ignite Your Creative Passion, by creativity coach Bob Baker, gives you 104 insights and ideas to help you prosper as a musician, artist, writer, actor and more. Jam-packed with loads of inspiration and low-cost marketing ideas. Make the most of your talents ... starting today!

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About the Book

Make the most of your creative talents ... starting today! This new book is jam-packed with loads of inspiration and low-cost marketing ideas for musicians, artists, writers, actors -- or anyone pursuing a creative passion.

What is it about creative career paths that cause so many people to look upon them with such disrespect, even disdain?

"You go ahead and get those artistic urges out of your system," parents, friends and complete strangers say. "Once you wise up, you can go out and get yourself a real job."

Why must musicians, artists, writers and actors endure this nonsense?

Medical students have to struggle for years before getting established and cashing in. I've known a few lawyers who didn't have the drive to effectively build up their practices - and ended up disheartened and frustrated. Yet you never hear phrases such as "starving doctor" or "tortured lawyer."

No, those terms are reserved for creative types - the "artistic" ones with the unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky dreams.

Let's put an end to this craziness here and now!

I'm not implying the creative road is paved with gold. But it holds as much potential as you're willing to give it. Let's face it, in every artistic field there are people making tons of money and people who are struggling - just as there are in all fields.

There is money to be made, enjoyment to be had and satisfaction to be derived from just about every creative path. You just have to put a few basic principles into action on a regular basis to be successful.

This book is designed to give you many of those guiding principles. Ignite Your Creative Passion chapter titles include:

+ 19 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Creativity
+ Jump-Start Your Gray Matter: 15 inspiring ideas to help you uncover, develop and stimulate your creativity
+ 24 Low-Cost, High-Impact Ideas to Market Your Creative Talents
+ 37 Direct Response Tips to Help You Turn Your Creativity Into Cash
+ 9 Steps to Unleashing Your Creative Brain Power

Don't get caught up in the starving artist mentality. Take the ideas in this book and use them to create your own new definition of what it means to be a creative success.


Bob Baker is America's foremost creativity coach!
- Michael Michalko, author of "Thinkertoys" and "Cracking Creativity"
Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate your unique brand of creativity. You're stuff is always filled with the best ideas that anyone in any business can put to good use. Thanks for being so creative and especially for sharing it.
- Lynn Kerrigan, Page One Press



About the Author
Bob Baker is an author, musician, workshop leader and former music magazine publisher (as well as a part-time artist and actor) who provides inspiration and low-cost marketing ideas to people pursuing creative fields. His other book titles include The Creative Success 28-Day Workshop, 101 Ways to Make Money in the Music Business and The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook.



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