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If You're Such A Smarty-PANTS, Why am I Listening to Your HEAD? by Dave Hughes

If You're Such A Smarty-PANTS, Why am I Listening to Your HEAD?

by Dave Hughes

109 pages
A collection of over 40 of the weekly humor columns that have made Daves Countywella weekly humor column. If politics the family or television are sacred to you DON'T read this book. breast-feeding column alone will probably run up your therapy bill.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
About the Book
The weekly humor column world has not yet recovered from the arrival of "Dave's County" upon the scene.

Started by veteran radio broadcaster Dave Hughes as a way to rake in the doug- I mean, an incisive glare at the issues most affecting you, the cherished reader, "Dave's County" is riveting, gripping, and compelling.

Here's a peek at one chapter from this exciting collection:

"Am I the only person in America who wishes that Elian Gonzales would hop an inner tube back to Cuba and get off the darn news?

Let me state right up front, for the record, that I have nothing personal against the little creep. I certainly hope that he would pick a very sturdy inner tube; one with plenty of legroom, and a puncture-resistant surface to prevent air leakage after shark bites. Of course, now that he'd back with his dad, we'd better make it two shark bite resistant inner tubes, to promote family togetherness.

I wouldn't even begrudge them a small transistor radio, in order to listen to the news reports about the next press-manufactured crisis to engulf the nation. Probably Saddam Hussein's housecat, loose in the halls of Congress. (Like anyone would notice another smelly creature with an inflated libido, yowling at insignificant details that matter to no one else. Teddy Kennedy would probably try to adopt it.)

It's just that I feel that there are more important things to listen to twenty-four hours a day than this. Let's face it; this is nothing more than a child custody battle between two men: Juan Gonzales and Janet Reno. One is upholding a man's right to raise an illegal Elian in the comfort of an oppressive society, with much less personal freedom than his governmental leaders would have him believe.

The other one wants to take his son back to Cuba."

If you purchase this book, we guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied, and if not, you'll receive the undying sympathy of the author as he spends your ten bucks.

If You're Such A Smarty-PANTS, Why Am I Listening To Your HEAD?, the only ebook you'll ever need (depending entirely on what your reading goals are)!

After being riveted to a chair and forced to read this collection, most focus group participants gripped the author's ears and attempted to compel him to stop writing. The efforts, for the most part, failed miserably.



About the Author
Dave Hughes Dave Hughes is a multiple-award winning radio broadcaster in SW Mississippi that has been writing humor for a local paper for some time. He is a member of the NetWits, an elite group of online humorists destined to over take the world. Eventually.



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