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HealthNote: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Managing Your Health Information by Rebecca Walton

HealthNote: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Managing Your Health Information

by Rebecca Walton

108 pages
Easy, do-it-yourself guide to managing your health information

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Welcome to the most important health resource of your life: An easy, health journal created by you, to prevent medical mistakes and to keep all of your doctors on the same page. We all know that Americaís health care system has its faults, including medical malpractice and poor patient-to-doctor relationships. How can you receive excellent medical care if your doctors do not have the correct information? HealthNote will help you organize your health history so that future visits to a doctor or hospital will be less stressful and more informative.

When doctors see your HealthNote they will be well informed and will know that you are serious about your medical care. HealthNote is a system that teaches you how to be more aware of your body. By listening to your body and identifying symptoms that you may have ignored before, you become your own health advocate. In these days and times of patients feeling like they are on an assembly line, we must be our own advocates and demand excellent health care!

HealthNote has an easy, fill-in-the-blank format with simple instructions, created for anyone with or without previous medical knowledge, while extremely resourceful for healthcare professionals. Once you complete your HealthNote, you will be more in touch with your body and will have peace of mind that should you become unconscious, this book can save your life by telling your story. HealthNote strays from the norm by getting you to look inside yourself through questions and answers. Itís not the typical self-help book. It may save your life!

In addition to taking your health history, this resource includes pages for your physician and insurance information, emergency contacts, and all of your medications. Many extras include information on living wills, HIPAA law, and vaccinations/immunizations schedules. You even have pages to keep track of your appointments so you will always know which doctor you saw last.

Newly diagnosed with a disease or condition? What an excellent way to keep track of confusing details, such as new doctors, medications, and laboratory visits! This book even has a section to write down your thoughts and questions for doctor appointments. (Donít we always forget to ask the doctor something during an office visit?)

Are you healthy? Thatís an even better reason to begin documenting! You can get a jump on keeping track of your medical history as you get older. Do you have a forgetful parent? With HealthNote, you can make sure that all of their health information is in one place. (In my practice, I have met too many elderly patients who do not know what medications they are on and cannot remember the last time they received important vaccinations!)

HealthNote is your ongoing communication tool and is the first step in becoming more active in your medical treatment.



About the Author
Rebecca is a Registered Nurse with proficiency in physical assessment. Experienced in nine specialties, she has assessed and treated thousands of patients. Currently, Rebecca is studying to be a nurse practitioner to motivate her patients to be active in their healthcare and be prepared for life after a hospital discharge.



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