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The Serious Writer by R.T. Byrum

The Serious Writer

by R.T. Byrum

105 pages
Valuable tips, tools, examples, and quotes for The Serious Writer

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About the Book
R.T. Byrum is a serious writer: novelist, columnist, freelancer, speaker, teacher, and former broadcast producer/director/actor. After several decades of writing mystery novels, articles, commercial copy, and teaching, he has begun collecting his knowledge and experience in the writing and publishing fields in to a multi-volume set of ebooks.

The Serious Writer Volume I is a great reference source for the beginner and professional alike. The reference work addresses a range of subjects from preparing and improving a workspace to discovering dozens of word processing and other software tools to speed up and improve writing. There are chapters on how to prepare a résumé’ and on locating sources of immediate income from freelancing, how to pick a genre, how to begin through ending your novel, outlining the plot and premise, creating/naming/developing characters, critiquing and revising, copyrighting (is it necessary?), finding agents (do you need one?), writer’s block, punctuation, and much more.

Whether your purpose for writing is to leave a record of your life, to pen that best selling novel, or to see a stream of checks arriving by mail for your freelancing, you owe it to yourself to read and study this book. R.T. is in regular contact with best-selling authors who also share ideas and stories about their own success. With their permission, this book brings you lessons from the masters.

The best way to learn how to write is from those who do so on a regular basis, and, who are willing to take you along with them. That is the purpose behind publishing The Serious Writer. Are you one?



About the Author
R.T. Byrum authored eight mystery novels, two nonfiction books, published three anthologies, created numerous broadcast commercials and print ads, film and TV writer/director, president of two authors’ guilds, lecturer at writing seminars, writes several newspaper columns and is a regular contributor to print and online magazines. He lives in Florida.



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