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Netten by Steven Hart


by Steven Hart

296 pages
A sci-fi story all will enjoy reading.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Jerry Wilson is in his single engine plane over the mountains of central Arizona when a thunderstorm sends him back toward Tucson. But, before clearing the storm his planeís engine quits.

Jerry manages to crash-land safely and remembers an old minerís shack on the other side of a nearby ridge where waiting out the storm should be more comfortable. But, when approaching it a strange sensation causes him to pass out.

He later learns the nightmare of being rescued was reality. His rescuer was part of a society living under the shack and surrounding desert. New Worlders, they call themselves.

Jerry soon learns they have hidden cities in other places and is fascinated by their technology. Most unique is what they call a Wedge that changes Jerryís life forever. He comes out just over a half inch tall, the sky overhead is the floorboards of the shack, and he can hardly wait to see the strange city.

After this he learns the majority of New World leaders want his help to come out of hiding. He has no idea how a pilot could ever help, but wants to see more of Jurane, the gorgeous woman assigned to be his mentor.

They donít get along at first. Jerry asks too many questions. Also, he quickly learns her Utopia isnít all rosy. Almost everywhere they go, a radical group called SO follows.

It takes a lot of luck to keep them alive. Survival strengthens their relationship, but makes Jerry wonder: Will they live long enough to ever realize their dreams or see the entire planet benefit from New World technology?



About the Author
Steven Hart is a pilot, has a degree in Fine Arts, and spent most of his working life in advertising. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife, Jane.



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