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Change Your Mind Change Your Body by Paul Duncan

Change Your Mind Change Your Body

by Paul Duncan

141 pages
weight loss course,unique in its methods

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
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About the Book
The Change Your Mind Change Your Body weight loss course takes a unique approach in helping people to lose weight. It focuses on areas which the majority of diets and weight loss programs fail to mention.

These points are vital in helping people to reach their goals to lose weight, and without these factors the chances of any success in weight loss for the long term are extremely remote.

Its a fact that 91% of the people that go on diets fail to lose any significant weight in the long term. This clearly tells you that conventional diets simply will not work for the vast majority of people that use them.

If dieting was a succesful method of losing weight,then there would be no people with wight problems. You also have to ask yourself why are there so many diets available,with some new fad diet just around the corner.

The Change Your Mind Change Your Body weight loss course takes you step by step in explaining why you have failed to lose weight in the past,and why you fail to stick to any diets long term. It uses knowledge as its base and supplies you with techniques that will not only help you to lose weight but also make improvements in other areas of your life.

Find out how you and everyone else desperate to lose weight have been manipulated with gimmicks,quick fixes, and false promises into pouring millions of dollars of your money each year into the pockets of the dieting industries. They tell you that you need this or that you need that. However the fact of the matter is that you need very little apart from knowledge,knowledge which has been denied to you in the past. So stop wasting your time,money,and efforts on products that will fail you



About the Author
Paul Duncan has a background in counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.He has been a wealth of knowledge about self improvement and personal development of which he has been a student for many years



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