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IM with God: The Journey to the Center of The One in You by AngllHugnU2

IM with God: The Journey to the Center of The One in You

by AngllHugnU2

320 pages
"You ARE greater than you think...And, loved always!"

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
You ARE great! You ARE good! You ARE one with The One (God) who loves always...And, YOU are loved RIGHT NOW!

IM with God is about the real and loving spiritual intimacy we share with God. IM uncovers all the confusing lies, painful shame, guilt and sinfulness we have been taught to unfairly associate such a life with God in it.

Our experiences with God can be like that of two friends walking hand-in-hand down a dusty road in the country. Or, it can seem like two kids picking on each other on the school’s playground. IM with God helps the reader to confidently declare and lay claim to a real, honest and lasting friendship with God.

Everybody is on a spiritual journey toward understanding and appreciating a great life to which they are destined to possess. While there are times we simply do not want to recognize the journey as having begun, like it or not, we do eventually find our Self to be the God-given keeper of the secrets for unleashing our full potential, becoming a better you, and being the conduit for deep and life-changing "instant message" chats with The One(God) within.


I finished your book. It's great reading! 'IM' came around at a good time for me. For quite some time, I've been mentored spiritually by a friend who is a conservative Christian. Their hearts are blessed with a formal more traditional spiritual relationship with God. And, that's okay! But, for most of my life, I've had a very comfortable intimate and special friendship with God. So, I thank you for making me feel once again perfectly okay about how I interact and relate with God.
- R. Hendrix (WishNOnStars), Property Accountant II
IM with God is great stuff! I keep flipping back and forth between my biblical scripture reading and "IM." This book is right on the mark. Can't wait to see what the next book will offer. Thanks!
- Kevin Smith, Gov't Mail Processor
I love every part of the content of the amazing book which God has entrusted to you to put forth in writing. I treasure the fact that He brought this treasured work across my path. God bless more fully the gift of the Holy Spirit that He has entrusted to you. You are a winner...the DNA of Jesus Christ is in you!
- Lois, Author of "Spiritual Grandmother" Blog
Thank you for sharing your work entitled IM with God. I have had the opportunity to finish around 100 pages...I found your style intriguing because you seem to have a bit of the mystery writer in you... This made the earlier parts read easily. It was hard to put down.

The reality that our ability to image God as loving in direct proportion to our ability to image ourselves as loved seems to me to be right on. As a matter of fact, my Master's thesis in psychology was a similar have a truth in hand and (I) wish you God's blessing as you try to articulate it through IM with God.
- Your Brother in Christ..., Most Reverand R.C. Hanifen, Bishop Emeritus



About the Author
AngllHugnU2 M. A. Tkacik is "AngllHugnU2". He is a 2001 graduate from Regis University in Colorado. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies-Psychology minor. He loves to speak on issues of spirituality and intimacy, and is available for small group motivational speaking.



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