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IN HOT PURSUIT by Terry Oliver


by Terry Oliver

328 pages
One 'sixty-something' couple's funny/painful search for meaning.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book

Finally – a novel that deals squarely with life post-sixty.

Barney Roper is a ‘sixty-something’ in search of some meaning to this 3rd age of his life. His children have all left home and his marriage seems an empty shell. After years of agonising about it, he finally decides to break from his wife, Alice, leave the UK and go back to his roots in Canada to make a fresh start with all those ideas, plans and journeys that somehow got waylaid.

His family object strenuously but he is determined and begins a new life in Vancouver – revelling in his new-found freedom to pursue any and every avenue to fulfilment.

Having resisted fiercely at first, Alice, in her turn determines to change direction and follow-up on her long-cherished wish to study archaeology. She plunges into her new life as a 60 year-old Oxford undergraduate and quickly becomes entangled in an unexpected relationship.

Barney meanwhile starts hares in all directions with some amusing and unpredictable results – his stated aim to follow TS Eliot’s dictum that ‘old men should be explorers’ takes him into the seamier sides of Vancouver. Here he becomes heavily involved with some of the city’s denizens struggling to make sense of their lives, too.

His children make their demands in varying ways and he and Alice find themselves inexorably drawn back together in an attempt to solve these problems. They resolve to continue with their new lives despite all the obstacles this throws up.

Whatever else they expected their 3rd age to be, it is certainly challenging and they both willingly rise to meet it.

This is a 3rd Age novel which deals head-on with all aspects, both funny and sad, of living fully in this undiscovered country of the ‘sixty-somethings'.

Barney and Alice tackle their sixties from opposite directions and both make rewarding, if unexpected discoveries.How they deal with these new insights leads them into unexplored territory where they learn some useful new coping strategies for living in the 3rd age.

If you long for a story which speaks directly to you, as you too explore this fascinating period of your life, look no further.


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About the Author
Born the son of a gold-miner, Terry Oliver grew up in a series of small Canadian towns during the war. Moving to Britain after finishing university, he became variously a teacher, traveller, shipwrecked sailor, revolutionary, playwright, carpenter, film-maker, small-holder and currently, green activist. He lives in the UK and Canada when not travelling.



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