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Dead Time by Paul Patti

Dead Time

by Paul Patti

304 pages
Even death is not enough to shut some people up!

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
“It’s coming - soon, very soon, maybe within the next 7 – 10 years. Science will let you, me and everyone speak to your dead relatives, as if they’ve never left. Should you be afraid? Well, maybe we all should.”

Now, even death is not enough to shut some people up!

There’s nothing supernatural going on … Dead Time takes place in the not-too-distant future, right after a computer company has perfected the downloading, storage and lifelike display of the human consciousness.

In ultra-high definition, you can still carry on a conversation with your departed loved one … as if they never left you.

TROUBLE IS … when you’re dead, you tend to lose your inhibitions. These dead people have quite a lot to say, and have already told some astounding secrets to their still-living relatives.

And some people, especially in the U.S. government, want to shut everyone up … permanently.

Is terminating the program that’s storing a sentient being the same as … murder?

Catch the action as an FBI Agent and a beautiful, wealthy scientist have to run for their lives ... and then face the awful truth that the government wants to keep hidden.



About the Author
Dead Time is Paul's third published mystery novel. Paul has 27 years of law enforcement experience in southeast Florida. His experience includes 17 years as a department commander, and he has 25+ years of experience in book and magazine writing, employment interviewing and job entry and promotion counseling.



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