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Fiona's Folly by Louise Lake

Fiona's Folly

by Louise Lake

148 pages
The crashing Pacific surf is the backdrop for desire in Fiona's Folly, a sexy, contemporary romance set on the Oregon coast. A young widow is - at first - an unwilling hostess to an injured man, but passion soon ignites between them.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
About the Book
Fiona's Folly begins on the rocky Oregon coast, with a child's scream. Tate Ashton - a research biologist, very handsome, very rich - thinks the child needs rescue, but ends up injured and in need of help himself. Half conscious, he is taken to the ocean-side cottage of Fiona Kirkpatrick and her ten year old daughter, Katie.

Fortunately, one of Fiona's good friends - Dr. Deandros Fischer - is nearby to treat Tate's injuries, and Fiona has a cozy downstairs apartment where he can stay until his leg heals. Tate is immediately smitten with the luscious Fiona and has an ally in Katie, who thinks he'd make a great dad.

Tate is also impetuous and unaccustomed to taking 'no' for an answer, but Fiona has a stubborn streak, and is tormented by memories of her first marriage. The sparks of passion soon fly thick and hot, but there are assorted obstacles to be overcome before these two can find lasting love.



About the Author
Louise Lake is the author of contemporary and historical romance novels. She spent many happy days visiting the Pacific coast while studying biology at Oregon State University.



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