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Selling with Heart: Selling the Feminine Way by Julie Roman

Selling with Heart: Selling the Feminine Way

by Julie Roman

108 pages
Practical and intuitive sales guidance for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

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About the Book
Selling with Heart is for women who hate the “hard sell” and fear ‘selling’ in the traditional sense as a way to get business. It is a step-by-step guide on Selling the Feminine Way. It offers an alternative approach to selling for the way we do business today. Learn how to be successful selling yourself, your products and your services in a way you feel ok about. This book empowers the reader so that you can transform how you feel about selling and change the way you sell. You can discover the solutions to your sales problems. You can take action to improve your sales results. You can realise your vision for your sales career or business.

Within the book you will find a simple 5-step process that will help you to:

Talk fluently about what you can do for people

Raise your profile so that you reach more people

Connect with more people by sharing your passion

What issues can the book help you most with?

Being authentic and revealing who you are

Communicating in a way that empowers others

Helping people to open up so that you can help them

Using your intuition to sense your clients' emotions

Helping people to see the results you can achieve

What people need to know to be happy to work with you

Being clear about the real value of what you do

Tuning into the right time to get more of your work done

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs that can hold you back

Trusting your heart in business and believing you'll do well


If you have got something great that others will benefit from, you shouldn't hide it away. Julie helps you understand how you can sell with integrity, and serve others in the process.
- Nick Williams, bestselling author of 5 books including The Work We Were Born To Do
I've read your book and I really enjoyed it. It's a great, practical book. It was just what I needed to read for my own sales approach. So refreshing to read that you can be yourself and succeed. The practical exercises in the book are very good and got me thinking about where I was going wrong and, crucially, what steps I need to take to improve my sales results. I read the book during a train journey and it really got me thinking about how I sell my services and myself to my clients.
- Lisa Scully-O'Grady
I've just finished reading through Selling with Heart and I really really enjoyed it! I particularly liked the introductory background to you and what you have gone through as a sales woman. The language you have written in is so simple and easy to understand that I think you do a good job of 'humanising' the whole thing - it does not look so bad after all! And really, its just about being passionate, loving what you do and then applying methods that you highlight, methods that work. It seems much more doable after that read. The content is so good I'll be referring back to it to make sure I stay on track. The advice and action points contained within were priceless. Your authenticity really came through and I like that. You come across real, passionate and wanting to keep things simple for the success of others.
- Sara Brown
Selling with Heart is a very thoughtful, practical and insightful read. It is also considerately broken down into manageable portions with each section finishing in a convenient place to pause. I found the Perfect Elevator Pitch useful and was very interested in Choosing the Right Words which highlighted the benefits of modeling your spec to your target audience - an obvious choice but not done in the obvious way… I enjoyed reading the comments made by others which were included in the book, allowing me to look at issues through a different set of eyes. In summary - Selling with Heart - how to be ‘Savvy’ without being Pushy – like it.
- Joanna Clarke



About the Author
Julie Roman I find that heart-centred spiritual entrepreneurs can struggle with selling because it feels a pushy, sleazy way of getting clients. My intention is to help you view selling in a more positive light. Selling with Heart means you can be yourself and be true to yourself and speak from the heart and connect with people in an authentic way. You can build lasting relationships and a strong business that is powerful and grows and gives you everything you need. You profit from helping people. You are not hiding away what you do. You know how to tell people exactly what you can do and how you can help them.



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