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Radical Excellence by John Hitchcock

Radical Excellence

by John Hitchcock

128 pages
Using traditional values to create critical thinking in today’s schools.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Radical Excellence traces many of the problems and deficiencies in education to the official expulsion of God from the public schools in 1962. The current situation in education is analyzed and shows how students of the flat-screen generation have “learned the NOT” in important areas. The pervasive and easy acquisition of enjoyable technology such as iPods and cell phones is contributing immensely to the growing lack of critical thinking abilities displayed by today’s students.

The author’s premise is that Christian schools hold the philosophical basis for solving much of what is wrong in American education, but, in general, lack the administrative courage and vision to bring that philosophy to fruition. Hitchcock proposes several changes that need to occur in education before effective critical thinking skills can be developed. These changes will require a radical revision in what is considered “professionalism” in the educational system.

“Transcendent Teaching” coupled with “Lateral Leadership” can create schools in which students are enthused and motivated to learn critical thinking skills as solid curricular content is also developed. Training new teachers is also addressed, both from the role of Christian colleges and also a system of professional development in the school itself.

Finally, the author shares several anecdotal events which illustrate quietly, yet vividly, the diverse nature of challenges that teachers face on a daily basis.

The book challenges teachers and administrators to be courageous and visionary as they work on a daily basis with students who are extremely needy, but are so enthralled with personal enjoyment that they don’t even perceive their needs.



About the Author
John has taught chemistry and physics for forty-three years, both in public and Christian schools, and in New York and California. He is also an adjunct professor in a four-year university. John has coached varsity basketball and golf, been a department chair and teachers' union president.



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