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A Fail Safe Way For You To Receive The Holy Spirit by Paul C. Jong

A Fail Safe Way For You To Receive The Holy Spirit

by Paul C. Jong

353 pages
Pretending himself to be the Holy Spirit, Satan has been able to deceive people abloutely owing to their ignorance of the genuine gospel. Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of the gospel of the water and the Spirit and believe in it with all our hearts.

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About the Book

In Christianity today, the most frequently discussed issues are "salvation from sin" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit."

However, few people have precise knowledge of these two ideas, despite the fact that they are the two most important concepts in Christianity. What is worse, we can't find any biblical writing that teaches us clearly about the issues above.

There have been lots of Christian authors glorifying the gifts of the Holy Spirit or describing the Spirit-filled lives. But none of them dare to deal with the fundamental question, "How can a believer surely receive the Holy Spirit?" Why? Surprising truth is that they couldn't write about it in full-scale because they didn't have exact knowledge of it.

As Prophet Hosea cried out, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," nowadays, not a few Christians are drawn into religious fanaticism, hoping to receive the Holy Spirit. They believe that they will receive the Holy Spirit by reaching a state of frenzy and hysteria. But it is no exaggeration to say that their so-called faith reduces Christianity to mere shallow Shamanism, and that such fanaticism derives from Satan.

The author Rev. Paul C. Jong dares to proclaim the truth. He deals the essential subjects in full-scale, which most spiritual writers have evaded for a long time. He first defines the meaning of "being born again" and "the indwelling of the Holy Spirit," and explains the inevitable relationship between the two pivotal concepts. Then he runs the whole gamut of description concerning the Holy Spirit, from "how to discern the spirits" to "the way to Spirit-filled lives."

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About the Author
The author of this book is currently undertaking Christian literature ministry through writing and electronic books. His works have been translated into 26 major languages and distributed to over 150 countries throughout the world where they have received high praise from readers.



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