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UNDERGROUND by Niels Aage Skov


by Niels Aage Skov

240 pages
SOE agents snatch a Dutch atomic scientist from Gestapo's clutches.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The Underground story's four main actors are Svend Lund, a free-lance anti-Nazi saboteur and recent graduate from Denmark’s Polytechnic Institute; Marek Blum, a Jewish fighter from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising; Elizabeth van Paassen, a young woman from Kenya, who with her British mother returns to London to assist in the Empire’s war effort; Viggo Hansen, a Danish aircraft mechanic, who flies a stolen plane across the North Sea in an attempt to join the Royal Air Force.

In the service of Britain’s Special Operations Executive the four are dispatched to persuade a Dutch scientist to join Einstein’s group in the Manhattan Project, before the Nazis can implement a different scenario. The ensuing cat-and-mouse chase with the Nazi Sicherheitsdienst across Europe at the height of the war tests the courage and wits of the four SOE novices. Along the way, it also inspires a love story.

The background events, e.g. destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and RAF’s Gomorrah attack on Hamburg, are authentic in time and place. So is some of the story line, written by someone who was there.


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About the Author
Born in Denmark, Niels Aage Skov incited anti-Nazi resistance during WWII. Caught by Gestapo, he dodged a death sentence, escaped from a concentration camp, joined Patton’s 3rd Army, and worked with American Intelligence to dismantle and obliterate Hitler’s “New Order” in Europe. A retired professor, Skov lives in Olympia, Washington.



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