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Heroes from the Attic: A Gripping True Story of Triumph by Herman I Neuman

Heroes from the Attic: A Gripping True Story of Triumph

by Herman I Neuman

218 pages
Inspirational true story of amazing triumph over many extreme traumas.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Herman I Neumanís true-life story about his extreme traumas and amazing triumphs has inspired and motivated readers to deal with their own problems and stresses. Because he suffered with patient endurance during his first two dozen years, and then achieved great success, he is a true role model like few others. His amazing resiliency, drama and offbeat humor will keep you turning pages.

Herman and his brother, Siggi, were born in Nazi Germany at the beginning of World War II. Therefore they will be forever grateful to the uncountable heroes who liberated them from its tyranny. However, their lives continued to be very traumatic, because their parents became their worst enemies. And there was not one other person to guide, mentor or console them.

Their father evicted them and their mother from their luxury home. On Christmas Eve day. Because the three of them had no income, they had to squat in the attic of an apartment building for one year. And do so without any utilities.

When Siggi and Herman were fifteen and seventeen years old, their mother sent them to their relatives in America, who promptly enslaved them on separate dairy farms. Under the threat of corporal punishment, his uncle would not allow Herman to bathe or shower. Thereafter, another uncle forced him to live and work in extreme isolation by a vast tide flat. Without any utilities or even an outhouse. But with highly unstable dynamite under his bed. A bomb disposal expert would later report that Herman should have exploded. Presumably along with the dynamite and not from his constant internal pressure.

The boys eventually escaped, and with courage, tenacity and backbreaking labor, they worked themselves through college and became American citizens. And within fewer than two years after Herman and his new wife graduated from Washington State University, they had saved enough to be able to travel the world for six months on a very low budget. For the adventure of a lifetime.

Even though this is a very true story, some of its episodes read like bizarre fiction. Many readers cannot believe that Herman is still sane or even alive. The following review of this memoir by Debby Schoeningh, a reporter for The Record-Courier, Oregon, summarizes the views of many of his readers:

"Heroes inspire and help us reach inside for uncommon strength to overcome obstacles in our lives. Herman and his brother Siggi will touch your heart in unimaginable ways and give you a renewed belief in the power of human fortitude in Herman's new book..."

"... In spite of life's cruel blows, the brothers did overcome their hardships,... Herman and his wife have traveled around the world and some of their travels are included in this autobiography."

"... Herman writes with an offbeat sense of humor and a touch of irony that will at times make you laugh and at times make you cry, but Heroes from the Attic is a journey of both heartache and triumph that you won't soon forget."



About the Author
Neuman had to endure extreme early-life traumas like few others. But before he was thirty years old, he had worked his way to a five-year engineering degree. He is a member of "The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress," a hospital pastoral team, and "Toastmasters International."



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