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For the Sake of Emily by Richard Lemmon

For the Sake of Emily

by Richard Lemmon

192 pages
Ambitious teenage lovers plot murder for the sake of Emily.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
High school quarterback Nick, aided by his girlfriend Holly, plans to woo the daughter (Emily) of the town’s richest merchant (Frank). Nick though is poor and lives in a bad neighborhood, so he must somehow upgrade his image. First stop, a fancy car, and to help him there, Holly lures another teenager (Freddy) to her parents vacant summer home. Promising sex. Nick ‘catches’ Freddy making love to his girl and blackmails him into signing over his car. Freddy later changes his mind and Holly convinces Nick that Freddy will go to the police, thereby ruining their plans. Freddy disappears and the police consider him a runaway. With the right car now, they tackle the problem of the right address and for that, Holly pleads with her stock broker father(D.B.) to let Nick move into their vacant summer home. D.B., on the off chance that Nick could succeed in wooing Emily, agrees, hoping that Nick could then convince Emily to influence her Father into buying stocks from his firm. D.B. goes even further by allowing Nick to pretend the right job by supposedly employing him as a part-time student stock broker with his brokerage firm.

Ready now to tackle Emily with the right job, car and home, Nick moves into D.B.’s summer house with his hard working Mother. Anxious to have Emily meet his ‘dear Mother’ he invites her to dinner than backs out when his Mother refuses to pretend they have always lived at that address. A worried Holly once again convinces a reluctant Nick that he has to take action in order to keep things going. As a result. Nick’s Mother, like Freddy, disappears.

Nick now begins to date an adoring Emily against the wishes of her father, Frank, who is himself having an affair with a prostitute. Worried about his daughter, Frank hires an investigator to check up on Nick, something that D.B. has prepared for by faking employment records for Nick. With no Mother to check facts against and with Nick properly employed, there is little to check up on. But like Frank, the missing teenager’s father (Les) is also concerned and suspecting the worst, begins to follow Nick and Holly.
Upon learning that Emily’s Father is involved with a prostitute, Nick and Holly decide that her Father is a more tempting target and follow Frank to his love nest. Later they threaten to expose him unless he pays a quarter of a million dollars.

Events take another turn when Holly’s stepfather attempts to rape her, knowing that his alcoholic wife won’t interfere. He is wrong about that and about Holly being afraid to do anything.

Eventually, Frank and Les join forces against the teenagers who by then have come to a serious disagreement.



About the Author
Richard Lemmon was raised in Kentucky and, after a stint in the Navy, became an engineer in the Space Program, working with IBM and NASA as a Flight Controller in Mission Control. He retired to pursue his writing and photography. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, Maryann.



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