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Nine Steps to Successful Nonfiction Magazine Writing by Angela D Dion

Nine Steps to Successful Nonfiction Magazine Writing

by Angela D Dion

32 pages
Workbook provides everything needed for success in nonfiction magazine writing

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About the Book
“Angela Dion’s booklet Nine Steps to Successful Magazine Writing is one of those writer’s aids that will become a classic. Designed for a course she teaches, it is just as useful for those of us who wish we could take that course, but can’t. Her nine steps are clear and clearly defined. She gives practical graphics and examples wherever needed. The reader learns not only WHAT to do but HOW to do it. Angela follows her own teaching and is a prolific article-writer. She knows rejection, she knows publication. She knows how to make article-writing and submitting a practical and income-producing skill. Nine Steps contains specific suggestions for topics to write about, and unlike other lists I’ve seen, it expands rather than narrows my imagination—it stirs my own writer’s juices!” -Roberta Rogers, Writer, author, New Market, VA

Many write, but few effectively market their work. This workbook provides everything you need to be successful in the nonfiction magazine writing field. The nine chapters include workbook pages and homework to take you step-by-step from writing for hobby to writing for profit. Nine Steps is for the writer who is ready to do the work to move their manuscripts from the slush pile to the magazine cover.

In this book you’ll discover how to:
• Set goals for your writing.
• Use three effective techniques for generating ideas.
• Search and research markets by analyzing every aspect of the markets you want to write for. This step alone is worth the price of the book. Most writer’s query editors and magazines without doing the necessary research. Taking the time to do this step will guarantee more sales and fewer rejections.
• Go through the ten step process of writing a killer query and see a sample query.
• Format your manuscript using the three parts of almost every nonfiction magazine article.
• Use the 25 point editing checklist. It contains editing exercises to demonstrate how to produce polished articles.
• Add pizzazz to your writing and give readers, “I didn’t know that” information.
• Define and use rights, reprints and re-slants for more sales.
• Follow through to multiple sales beyond nonfiction magazines.

Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the book. Appendix includes a glossary of writing terms and two articles about the writing life – “Guidelines for Critiques” and “Four Reasons to keep all of Your Rejections”.

This is a must have book for any writer who wants success in the nonfiction magazine writing world.


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About the Author
Angela D Dion Angela Dion is a successful author, college writing instructor and professional writing coach. She has sold more than 100 articles, authored three books and collaborated with dozens of writers, assisting them in reaching their own goals.



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