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InEssence - The Essence of Life by Sarah Ince

InEssence - The Essence of Life

by Sarah Ince

580 pages
InEssence connects source within, to the unified fields of reality.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
InEssence - The Essence of Life

Sarah Ince

When we connect to our God/Goddess source within, the beautiful still point of life, we are able to activate our multidimensional unlimited self. Through our multdimensional self we are then able to establish a stronger connection to the unified field of reality - that knows all abundance of life. In this space, we are beyond all limitation, and awaken our states to ones of full consciousness of life. Living from this awakened state of consciousness - we feel oneness - firstly within ourselves (inner reality) and then in our outer reality the reflection follows. In this state we are able to feel the estatic essence of our soul, as guided by our spirit.

InEssence will guide you through the journey, and has been written as an ascension guide. Each chapter was channeled as a new paradigm of life, and is coded with the new energies of life. Meditations and Healing techniques are included in each chapter, to assist a rebirth to new levels of being.

Originally taught at live workshops from 2002 to 2007. InEssence - The Essence of Life is a series of 20 multidimensional workshops of transformative healing, to assist the total embodiment of your true spirit via attuning to your soul signature. The InEssence - The Essence of Life assists each soul to rise out of subconscious/unconscious living, and truly take their sov-reigns of their own destiny into their own hands, and become a master of living light in this life. The Journey through InEssence - The Essence of Life begins at the point of creation of time and space, through Lemuria and Atlantis, describing early memories of the DNA changes, and healing tools. New tools relevant to the Golden Age assist transformation to new levels of life through meditations, shared insights, invocations. The writings are coded with divine signatures to assist each person at whatever level they are able to receive these works at:- there is something for everyone. Many who partake of these courses, report life changes occuring that they had been seeking for so long. Finally a book that assists you to get in touch with your spirit and soul - whoever you are, and where-ever you are - light will weave through - as you read this special edition book. The material has been brought forth from spirit, in divine dispensation, whilst the author was in deep states of meditation. The author has then taken the time to offer as many of the key insights, as given in there original state, unaltered, yet with some explanations as they refer to the physical, and as the author – herself, grounds the principles in her own daily life. The application of the principles, and offering the experiences – assists each reader – to know, as they move through and approach the important awakenings of spirit that they are called to embark upon – that ALL IS WELL.



About the Author
Sarah Ince The writing of InEssence began early in Sarah Ince’s Life. At the young age of fourteen Sarah began to practice Transcendental Meditation. Borne an energy sensitive, this assisted her focus, as she connected with the unified field of life, to bring greater truths for awakening to living fully consciously.



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