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The Mushroom Memos, A Call to Awaken by Alex Dimond

The Mushroom Memos, A Call to Awaken

by Alex Dimond

120 pages
What they didn't tell us, how the world REALLY works.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
Who’s in Charge of Your Brain?
If not You, then?
If not Now, when?

The Mushroom Memos, A Call to Awaken shows you:

The effects of TV and what you can do (Memo 3)
What the educational System doesn’t tell you (Memo 31)
The meaning of Responsibility (Memo 58)
The Truth about politics (Memo 64)
The answer to your Greatest Life Challenge (Memo 90)
You are a Movie Producer, like it or not (Memo 98)
The Greatest Secret of all time (Memo 101)
The Best method to help anyone (Memo 13)
The Most Successful Relationships have this (Memo 82)
What they don’t tell you about the News (Memo 51)


The Mushroom Memos gives you:

Insider Information…

To blow the lid off a Humdrum lifestyle…
To create new Patterns of thought and change your life…
To Empower yourself no matter what your circumstances…
To know how the Game is played on this planet…
To learn the power and value of Focus…
To truly understand that ignorance is NOT bliss…
To keep your Cool no matter what the world is doing…
To open your Heart to appreciation and love…
To find your niche so you can thrive with Joy…
To learn that Reality is like clay and you are the Sculptor…

Have you ever thought about why it is that no matter what generation you find yourself, the world is the same old, same old? People are still dealing with issues of education, crime reduction, too high taxes, and trying to stay ahead of the game? Why is it that after all these years of civilized societies, the same solutions are given, the same problems persist, the same resignation takes place in our minds?

Most of us have heard, that’s the way things will always be. Who makes things the way they will always be? Who decides life is a struggle and then we die? Is there an unwritten rule forbidding parents to explain the realities of life to their children? Is there an amnesia between generations that promotes a ‘persistence in existence?’ If so, then who benefits? Who wins at this game?

This is for sure,it’s time to rethink this game called life. It’s time to wake up and clear away the cobwebs from our brains. It’s time to take back our power with dignity and grace. That moment begins within each of us, in our minds.
The time is now…



About the Author
Alex Dimond, MA is an author, corporate consultant, and workshop leader with over 22 years experience in the business, health care, and educational communities. One day he 'downloaded' a model on energy that started him on a life changing journey to become conscious and reclaim power with dignity and grace.



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