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Second Chance by Richard Lemmon

Second Chance

by Richard Lemmon

228 pages
Crippled man returns to the past to reclaim lost love.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
An aging and crippled Dick Marlowe stumbles on an old family heirloom that, when activated, mysteriously transports him back into the past where he witnesses his own birth. Using that same heirloom, an old antique tub, Dick returns to the present where he pieces together what must have happened and decides to use that tub in an attempt to change his past. A past that has resulted in him losing the girl he should have married and ruining his knee for life. To regain his ‘girl’, which he now knows to be the love of his life, he must somehow influence his younger self not to throw her over for the easier girl he’d settled on for the wrong marriage. He cannot of course be himself when he goes back in time and so he intends to assume the identity of a long lost first cousin named Phil. A little older than Dick and presumably a little wiser. Using the tub then, ‘Phil’ returns to the house where his mother, Nan, still dying of cancer, and his younger self, Dick, reside. Once there, he wangles an invitation to stay and sets out to somehow convince the know-it-all Dick, that Anne is far too special to lose. Not an easy job since Dick, the typical teenage male, is determined that Anne, if she really loves him, should prove it by having sex with him. Something Anne feels strongly is wrong. And so, full of hope, Phil does his best to change Dick’s attitude. For if he can’t change that attitude, Dick will surely break off the relationship and marry Marsha, far more malleable if decidedly the wrong choice!

In order to test his theory that a change in the past will change the future, Phil sets out to avoid the football tackle that had crippled him for life. No tackle, no torn knee cap, hence no longer a cripple. Further complicating the plot, Phil finds that he must once again cope with what he now knows to be the unavoidable death of his Mother from cancer. A death that the know-it-all had taken far too lightly. But first and foremost, Dick must not be allowed to breakup with Anne. Which in turn means that Dick must not be allowed his birthday party where that breakup had occurred. No party, no meeting Marsha, no rotten marriage. Much easier said than done when Dick once again digs in his heels. Further complicating things for Phil, his time machine, the tub, is inadvertently sold by his Mother. He must recover it. No time machine, no return to his future and however successful in his various quests, there will be no way to enjoy those gains.

But as time in Dick’s past marches on, and the failures begin to multiply, help comes from unexpected sources in unsuspected ways. First the family doctor, in love with his Mother throughout the years, helps to bring the two boys closer together. And then Anne, sensing beyond her young years, fights hard for Phil against Dick. A strange triangle that. And lastly Nan, Phil’s mother, dying in the hospital, has a talk with her ‘boys’.



About the Author
Richard lemmon was raised in the Deep South and, after a stint in the Navy, became a Space Engineer working with IBM and NASA as a Flight Controller in Mission Control. He retired to pursue his writing and photography. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife Maryann.



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