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Get Yourself Published by Suzan St Maur

Get Yourself Published

by Suzan St Maur

131 pages
How to find a publisher and write your nonfiction book.

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About the Book
How many times have you thought, "I'd love to write a book..." How many times have you thought it would be great to have that handy extra income from book sales … and if you're in business or nonprofit work, the fantastic free publicity and image-building your book will give you?

Well now, you can.

Of course, there are lots of books out there on how to write a book. But not many of them actually get to grips with the real issues and show you how to do it, step-by-step.

The reason why is, not many of them have been written by someone who - apart from being the author of 11 published books - is also a professional business writer and business writing trainer. So she knows exactly how to help you help yourself.

That's why you CAN write that book and get it out there ... with Get Yourself Published by Suzan St Maur.

In her lively, no-nonsense style, Suzan St Maur gets you started immediately ... using her own proven, practical ways to:

·Judge your subject matter objectively so your approach is right
·Position it in its proper market, so you won't waste time and effort
·Structure your material to make it really attractive to readers
·Bypass the need for a literary agent and keep their 10% for yourself
·Choose a publishing route that matches your business and personal goals
·Decide which type to go for – eBook, print, or both
·Dream up a tantalizing title that will sell your book with a sizzle
·Find the right publishers and learn what they're looking for
·Create killer proposals that can't fail to create interest
·Understand your contract with a publisher and avoid all key pitfalls
·Get the best results from self-publishing, if that's your choice
·Ensure your book reads wonderfully and looks fantastic
·Do some effective, low-cost marketing to get your book noticed – and sold
·...and most important of all, write and edit your book easily and comfortably.

Every lesson Suzan has learned about writing nonfiction books and getting them published – most of them learned the hard way – is shared in this tightly-packed eVolume of tips, tricks, shortcuts, down-to-earth advice, and all the other tools you'll need.

She also includes:

·A sample publishing contract (a real one with the names blanked out) so you know exactly what to expect from your publisher
·Real-life examples of a synopsis, proposal and other documents she wrote to sell her acclaimed print book, Powerwriting (which received no fewer than four publishing offers)
·An exhaustive list of resources, contacts, associations, and research ideas, across all the major English language markets
·Her own email address and the offer of free advice if you're stuck



About the Author
Suzan St Maur is a prolific and experienced international business writer and editor, having worked on writing projects for many of the world's major companies as well as numerous SMEs. She is also the author of 15 published nonfiction books on a range of business, marketing and consumer topics.



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