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Known To All by Gloria Gay

Known To All

by Gloria Gay

272 pages
Illegitimate girl's struggle for a normal life in Regency England.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Phillip Harding Durbin, Viscount Kelly, did what was very rarely done in society: he married his mistress and publicly acknowledged and adopted his illegitimate daughter, Violet Welsh.

But Violet had other things in her past. She was once forced into sexual slavery by her mother's former lover when she was only thirteen. But even though this lasted for only three months, society will not forgive her.

Living quietly as a outcast in Regency England, Violet constantly fends off illicit propositions from society men. but Lord Jared Falweir, nephew of the Duke of Hawkinston, has fallen in love with Violet and intends to marry her.

In an attempt to keep his nephew from becoming involved with Violet, the haughty Duke of Hawkinston falls in love with her himself and begins a relentless pursuit, certain he can convince her into becomming his mistress. But Violet holds firm, for she has sworn she will not stain her father's name by becomming a kept woman.

Yet Violet finds herself drawn toward the duke, who showers her with flattering single-minded attention and is an expert at placing her in situations where she is increasingly in danger of losing her heart.

But Violet's beauty also attracts dangerous men and the stepson of the duke's sister, Lord Cade Souten, has developed a dangerous obsession over Violet and will not rest until she is his, by whatever method...



About the Author
Writer/artist Gloria Gay has also published First Season, Forced Offer and Canceled Courtship. This novel, Known to All, was developed from characters in the sub-plot of Canceled Courtship. Gloria lives with her husband in San Diego, California.



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