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by Ann Hebert

18 pages
Why does your doctor want your blood tested? Find out!

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Understanding Your Doctor's Laboratory Orders is written for non-medical readers who would like to learn some basics about the medical world and its language. Every day patients are sent to laboratories to have their blood drawn. Imagine this scenario: Your doctor informs you that laboratory tests, possibly along with other tests such as x-rays, are necessary in order to help him determine what is wrong with you. You, the patient, then carry a prescription to your laboratory or to a hospital, give the registrar your personal and insurance information, and finally go to a designated location to have your blood drawn. Why? You are not really sure why!

Laboratory and other tests, along with your medical history, form the basis for your doctor's decision about your treatment. The treatment should be the purpose of your visit to the doctor. After all, the goal is to improve your health, is it not? Sometimes laboratory tests are also ordered for annual checkups. Changes in your laboratory values usually indicate changes in your health, and this should be addressed before you have symptoms of ill health.

It would be impossible to explain all medical terminology without sending you to medical school, and you would definitely be bored by an ebook filled with definitions in dictionary format. In my ebook I have explained several of the more basic tests that are performed in diagnostic clinical laboratories. These tests form the basis of a doctor's understanding of your body. I translate the doctor's intentions to you via layman's terms. The bulk of the book is dedicated to explaining the tests and some basic physical conditions caused by abnormalities in these tests, such as anemia. I have written the book with some humor in order to make the reading enjoyable and thus avoid a textbook format. This is not a textbook!

Towards the end of the book I will give you a few tips about healthy living. There is no pill or magic formula to make you thin, happy, and strong. If such a pill existed, don't you think we would all be thin, happy, and strong? Life takes work. I cannot tell you how to heal diseases. But I can tell you how to better understand some basics about your body, and I can make some suggestions that may lead to healthier lifestyle choices.

May you enjoy reading and learning about your health!



About the Author
The author is a professional licensed Medical Technologist with over 17 years experience in hospital laboratories. During those years she incorporated “healthy” foods and products into her family's lifestyle. The result, 20 years later, is excellent health for her entire family.



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