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Community Emergency Radio Networks by Hugh Maddocks

Community Emergency Radio Networks

by Hugh Maddocks

116 pages
Radio networks for communications with emergency services during disasters

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About the Book
Community Emergency Radio Networks gives you ideas for building an emergency radio network (ERN) for your community. An ERN uses small Family Radio Service (FRS) radios or combined FRS/General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios for members of the community. The community relay station can be (1) a basic or "fancy" ham station, (2) a GMRS station, (3) a basic amplitude modulation (AM) or "fancy" single sideband (SSB) Citizens Band (CB) station, or (4) a ham station using near vertical incidence skywave (NVIS).

Community Emergency Radio Networks makes planning your community ERN easy. It has easy-to-use tables (known as coverage planning tables) for your suburban or rural community depending on whether youíre located on a smooth plain, on a rolling plain, in a hilly area, or in a mountainous area. Community Emergency Radio Networks also has guidelines to help you set up an effective ERN in a city.

You want your ERN to work for your community, but at the same time, you donít want it to interfere with other ERNs in neighboring communities. Once again, Community Emergency Radio Networks comes to the rescue with easy-to-use tables (known as co-channel interference planning tables) that help you plan how far apart radios have to be before you can use the same channel again.

Community Emergency Radio Networks gives you a way to make sure that no one in your community is ever left alone with no one to talk to.



About the Author
Hugh C. Maddocks, K3SS, has been a ham radio operator since 1958. After 9/11, he participated in both the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the National Traffic System (NTS). Professionally, he is a communications systems engineer who has performed many analyses of national emergency communications systems.



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