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Sherlock the Circus Dog by Alyssa Angelo

Sherlock the Circus Dog

by Alyssa Angelo

108 pages
Friendship and family can be interpreted differently. For all ages.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Lost Dog Finds Family and Values!

Every dog needs a kid.

Sherlock the Circus Dog subtly teaches children (and adults who read it) the meaning of friendship and how family can be defined in various ways.

The first big people in Sherlock’s world adopt him when he is a puppy and love him as their own. He trains to be clown. As he grows up, Sherlock thrills audiences, and in his free time, learns life lessons from his friend and family’s horse, Dove.

Even though Dove is a great companion, Sherlock still feels lost and alone. When a fellow dog performer is abandoned at the circus, Sherlock adopts her into his family. The dogs’ conversations lead them to yearn for a real home and kids of their own.

Sherlock finds a happy family in the front row while the circus is in Boomtown. Are they the ones for him? How will he know?

If you love something, set it free, as Dove and Sherlock’s big people demonstrate. Sherlock learns what those words “family and friends” really mean, and how those meanings may change for the right reasons.

Unique to this book are the genderless and ageless descriptions of the adult figures in the family. The reality is that less than 50 percent of all children in the United States live in the traditional family unit depictions of father, mother and children.

The reader is allowed to interpret the family unit by integrating his/her own model experienced by the child reading this book and/or the children in the reader's life.

Children will find a relationship book that makes sense in the children's world. Their family unit may well be grandparent/s, child/ren and/or parent; non-relative, parent and child/ren; domestic partner of either sex, parent and child/ren; or aunt/uncle and child/ren.

Based on the true-life adventures of a real Sherlock and how he discovered his own family.

“Excitement and adventure, compassion and humanity, humor and poignancy: these are key elements of books focused on man’s best friend—celebrating a canine’s loyalty, bravery and passion.

“(This is) a special contribution to the proud list of dog classics. Alyssa Angelo writes in a style revealing (sensitivity) to her target age group of middle readers the themes of recovery and loss; displacement and homelessness; the true nature of family; the primary importance of compassion; and why there is a privileged place for all creatures in this world.

“You will be impressed by its charm, readability and—most of all—its timelessness. Nothing resonates like the love between a dog and its family.”

Jacqueline Grace
LifeTime Media, Inc.



About the Author
Alyssa Angelo is enjoying a lifelong love affair with dogs; four rescue dogs never left and are “canines in residence.” Her family, two- and four-legged, is inspirational and integral to her creative process. They live year ‘round in the Midwest. She has been a published author since 1972.



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