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Doing The Dream Box Sweat by Donna Monday

Doing The Dream Box Sweat

by Donna Monday

188 pages
Two black women search for identity in 1920s New York.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
It’s the 1920s, an era of hope and optimism for blacks struggling for self-identity. In this engrossing three-part tale, we meet two best friends, Olive Charleston and Edwina Tyler. Although separated by distance and circumstances, the two women experience growing pains while discovering who they truly are—realizing that they too have something special to contribute in a world of possibilities.

Story One: Olive dreams of falling in love and having more to look forward to than her daily duties as sole caretaker for her invalid mother and disabled sister. Her mother’s constant nagging and control over her life makes it difficult for her to feel like her future will be any different, until, the handsome Chase Watson enters the picture. Can she finally break free of her stifling existence?

Story Two: Edwina and Darryl Tyler are newlyweds living in the midst of the energetic Harlem social scene. Edwina considers Darryl a great catch, that is, until her marriage begins to show signs of serious trouble. Is she willing to stay with the less supportive, Darryl, or take a chance on a new life, and a new love?

Story Three: Olive’s sister, Prissy, is getting married to the man of her dreams and needs her sister’s love and support. Olive is all set to be the maid of honor, but there’s just one problem—her lingering feelings for the groom. Can she accept the choices she’s made and let go of old baggage?



About the Author
Donna Monday grew up in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. She has always loved music, books, and the creative arts. Her love of African-American history and culture, combined with a vivid imagination, has led her to create stories that are richly unique and excitingly diverse.



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