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Karpstein Was Hiding - Second Edition by Martin A. David

Karpstein Was Hiding - Second Edition

by Martin A. David

160 pages
Dreams, visions and reality dance together in a hidden world.

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About the Book
Karpstein Was Hiding is a great, dark, mythical journey. The pain of a people is written across the soul of one man. Martin A. David has created a haunting fusion of modern Magic Realism and the detailed story telling of ancient Jewish Mysticism.

Karpstein lives in the rooms of his own mind. The walls are flexible, and the boundaries between the living and the dead, the present and the past are ephemeral. In the past there was the holocaust. Karpstein survived it even though he was not there. The guilt of his survival haunts him. In the present there is a warehouse crowded with living memories. The memories include his childhood, his lovers, his adventures, and vivid montages of the stories he heard while growing up as a “red diaper baby”.

Readers and critics have said:

"There is poetry in Karpstein Was Hiding. The words wrap around every image and description like colorful pieces of silk."

" extremely powerful book."

"...a beautiful river of language that sometimes seems like a long poem. It has been created with a craftsmanship that one seldom sees in modern writing. Once you have read it, you will give Karpstein a hiding place inside your own mind."

“... carried me along in a spinning cloud of musical language and magical images. The book becomes a movie in your mind as descriptions flow onto the pages like living paintings....”

“…a heart wrenching novel that takes you into the hidden world of Karpstein. You see with amazing clarity the fears and guilt of a Holocaust survivor -- or even more devastating, the haunting memories of one who is not.”



About the Author
Martin A. David has published Karpstein Was Hiding, Shtetl In My Mind, The Dancer’s Audition Book , seven book-length translations of Scandinavian authors, and over one thousand newspaper and magazine articles, columns, and essays.
In addition to writing and translating, he works regularly as an actor, modern dancer, and choreographer.



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