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Chickenbone Church Reunion by Wendy Daughdrill and Anita Havens

Chickenbone Church Reunion

by Wendy Daughdrill and Anita Havens

156 pages
Justice is dished out southern style in this hilarious murder mystery.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Seventy years have passed since that night--since two children witnessed something so horrible that its very memory has been erased from the consciousness of this close-knit southern community. Now, Scott Griffin has come home, home to a Mississippi he knows only from his grandmother's stories, and that knows him only as an outsider--a hotshot cop from Chicago.

When Scott came here hoping to start a new life far from the slums where he grew up, he never expected to land in the middle of the case of a lifetime--or in the arms of Angela Woodard, the beautiful, hot-tempered deputy who becomes his new partner. But the citizens of Calhoun County are being murdered, and Scott alone holds the key that can unlock the mystery. As his feelings for Angela grow, he realizes that if he is to save their future, he must delve into the shadows of his own heritage, back to a time when the threat of starvation made honest men do desperate things, a time when bootleggers and revenuers turned quiet Calhoun County into a war zone. For the only one who can stop the killer has kept her deadly secret for seventy years--since the night her innocence was shattered by the blast of a double-barreled shotgun



About the Author
Havens and Daughdrill are a motheródaughter writing team steeped in seven generations of southern storytelling tradition. Daughdrill holds a journalism degree from the University of Mississippi and has written for various newspapers. Havens graduated from Mississippi College. She currently resides on the family farm, near the setting of Chickenbone Church Reunion.



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