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The Guide: 17 Seconds to Weight Loss by Susan James

The Guide: 17 Seconds to Weight Loss

by Susan James

192 pages
We have been doing this Backwards! It is not Hard Applying User Friendly Physics towards your body image.

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
About the Book

17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide is more about Energy and the application of Spirit to our desired body image than anything else. We've been doing it backwards !

Weight Loss and desired body image is not hard to do. We are however "taught", and pre-conditioned that this desire for improving ourselves is difficult to attain. This is simply, not true!

There is a new energy gift that we are being given from Spirit as we enter into this new millennium and we have a conscious choice to use it in our lives, as well as in our overall intention for body image and health. We no longer have to chase after it in frustration. As our intentions are heard on a "cellular level" the changes become automatic within us.

For those unfamiliar to "energy work", when properly understood, this can be the easiest approach to weight loss ever experienced. The only hard part is believing that there is "no hard part."

Weight Loss and Body Image has little to do with the food that we eat.It has to do with "energy" , and how we move and form this energy.

It has to do with how our spiritual selves will automatically help us achieve our desired weight and place of health.

As discussed in the book, its not about the food, it never has been. Its not about the stress in our lives, it never has been. Its about physics. Physics explained in user friendly terms. "User Friendly Physics" can bring our desired body image to us, instead of our always chasing it.

Energy becomes the automatic action based on how we move it. Our bodies are transformed automatically. We simply have to understand why it is so, and then use it as a tool.

How does Susan know this? She's done it.

James did it from 196 pounds to a consistent size 9. Consistent,, yo-yo.

Done,as in done.

17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide, in 72 concise chapters, helps individuals to see and know, how easy it is to change their body image.

Also within The Guide:

A. How does 17 seconds change your weight? What power is there in 17 Seconds of moving pure energy, and how do you that?

B. Intention and Decision: The Power, that simply you making a decision about your Body Image begins to automatically create it for you, almost like magic !

C. Synchronicity: How showing intent within your desired body image automatically brings you the events and circumstances on the inside and outside of your body to accomplish your goal.

D. The further understanding of the "New Energy" and the gift that is Universally given to us from our Spirit Selves, to help us create the body image that we choose.


2 Week Boost, originally designed as a focus and intent project for internet participants. Foodstyle 1 & 2; How to use Vinegar in Weight Loss, and many other aspects on re-designing your life from body image to Livelihood aspirations.



About the Author
Susan James Susan James follows her heart and writes what she knows;Manifesting (User Friendly Physics), Self-Image, Energy Work. Also by James: Manifesting 101: Essays and Tools for Creating Manifesting 101 & Beyond: (ezine) 17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide 17 Seconds to Weight Loss (ezine) Heartcore Ultra Focus Manifesting Writers Consulting/Coaching.



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