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by Denis Gessing

284 pages
A magical tale set in Ireland and the old west.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
MIDNIGHT and the MAGICAL PRAIRIE SCHOONER is set in Ireland, the old west, and the other world. Among other mysteries it answers the riddle of how the fairies and elves got to Ireland and poses the question: what if we humans only think we know our destination?

This family saga is part historical fiction and part spirituality. It is for readers of all ages and is dedicated to young readers, Deaf and hearing.

Once there was a time when women ruled the world of Irish mythology. And before that a time of fairies like Queen Em’ and elves like Daniel J. McMugg and the one who knew them well—“Crazy Kate”—who lived in a cave by the sea.

But to her granddaughter, Maggie Magonigal, Kate is merely Nana Kate, whose stories follow her as she evolves from maiden to mother, escaping Ireland’s sorrows and getting lost in America’s promise. Along the way, she almost forgets Nana Kate’s teachings, only to be reminded by her daughter, Annie.

When she sees with spirit-eyes, Annie is visited by shape shifters, ancient guides and warrior queens. When she hears with spirit-heart, the voices of all mothers, maidens, and crones invite her into their world … the other world.

While the O’Gormans—Maggie and her lost family—think ‘tis Oregon they’re bound for, a centuries-old guide, a magnificent stallion—black as midnight—has another destination planned. Most especially for Annie—deaf by birth, destined by spirit.

“…A captivating story, one of those rare gems full of genuinely believable and interesting characters. The cleverly woven span of time draws the reader into every aspect of this charming tale.”

-Angela Hooper, author of In Dark Minds.

Denis Gessing is a writer/storyteller. He lives in Denver Colorado. This is his second novel. Currently he is working on a collection of short stories.



About the Author
Denis Gessing is a writer/storyteller living in Denver Colorado. MIDNIGHT AND THE MAGICAL PRAIRIE SCHOONER is his first family saga for young readers. Currently is working on a book of short stories.



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