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They Also Ran by Carolyn C. Volpe

They Also Ran

by Carolyn C. Volpe

288 pages
The biographies of losing candidates in United States presidential elections. .

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Category: History
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About the Book
Did you know that Aaron Burr almost became President of the United States, or which candidate lost partly because the newspapers described him as ‘the little man on the wedding cake?

They Also Ran discusses all of the United States Presidential Elections, 1789 – 2004. A short description of the major issues and the nominees in each of the campaigns are presented. This is followed by a biography of the losing candidates, who were, at the time they ran, prominent and influential. In many cases they did much to help shape the policies and direction the United States would take. After they lost, many of them were quickly forgotten. With all the campaigning and speeches, many lost the election due to an unfortunate statement, a slip of the tongue or newspaper coverage that took statements out of context or emphasized mistakes.



About the Author
Carolyn Volpe, age 84, is a retired Professor of Mathematics and lives in a retirement home in San Diego, California.



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