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HOW TO HUNT TREASURE: A Guide to Adventure and Profit by Malcolm Allred

HOW TO HUNT TREASURE: A Guide to Adventure and Profit

by Malcolm Allred

144 pages
Treasure hunter shares secrets of identifying/acquiring coins, artifacts, collectibles.

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About the Book
Have you ever dreamed of buying a Van Gogh for $5.00 at a yard sale? Of using a metal detector to locate relics on a Civil War battlefield or in the bed of an historic river? Of digging a cache of gold coins on an old house site? Of buying a valuable collectible on eBay that everyone else has either misidentified or overlooked?

The author of How to Hunt Treasure has spent most of his life pursuing such “treasure” that exists in infinite variety in the United States – from antiques to art, gold coins to rare documents, antiquarian books to military relics, bank notes to diamonds – and every other type of collectible imaginable. Equally at home with his metal detector on a river bottom or a Civil War battlefield, he has recovered lost “treasure” of an amazingly diverse nature. He routinely searches auctions, yard sales, flea markets, pawn shops and eBay for unrecognized bargains, and has even placed ads in local publications that bring the “treasure” to his door. “The key to success,” he says, “is knowledge – knowledge of what defines treasure, knowledge of where to look for it.”

And knowledge is what this author shares. A brief look at the book’s primary topics shows it best:

• How to hunt Civil War relics – how to locate the sites and utilize the best methods for digging the relics – and observe the etiquette demanded.

• Gold, silver, diamonds, and coins – how to test and buy gold and silver, how to grade and buy diamonds, the best ways to buy and collect rare coins.

• Coin shooting – the best settings for your metal detector.

• Diving for treasure – precautions to take, and why you should consider this “last frontier.”

• Bottle digging/diving – why “privies” and rivers are your best bets.

• The incredible opportunities offered by yard and estate sales, auctions, pawn shops, and flea markets.

• Indian artifacts – a hobby to be wary of.

• The tools of the trade – the metal detector, the probe, the seine, etc. – with detailed descriptions of construction and the methods employed to set up and utilize them.

• The importance of maintaining records.

• Methods used to clean and preserve dug relics – details of electrolytic cleaning.

• eBay – how to use it for research, how to buy and sell intelligently.

• Advertising for treasure – perhaps the most lucrative method for acquiring treasure.

• The importance of a reference library.

The author is adamant that his experiences are not unique. “Anyone can find treasure,” he states. “When it happens, it can become a lifelong addiction.” After reading of his many adventures, you may agree, for he weaves into his chapters humorous accounts of incidents that titillate the reader’s imagination. These range from brushes with angry Park Rangers and vehement landowners to the humbling discovery that even the “holy” are susceptible to the addicting power of treasure hunting. Treasure hunter or not, any booklover will find “How to Hunt Treasure” fascinating reading.



About the Author
A native Mississippian, Malcolm Allred has called several of the state's most historic cities home. Presently residing in Vicksburg, Allred, his wife Brenda, and their pets live in a downtown loft apartment located above their businesses.



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