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FREELANCE POKER WRITING: How to Make Money Writing for the Gaming Industry by Brian Konradt

FREELANCE POKER WRITING: How to Make Money Writing for the Gaming Industry

by Brian Konradt

261 pages
Learn how to make money freelance writing for the casino/gaming industry!

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About the Book
What's it like living it up in Las Vegas, covering the World Series of Poker™ or the World Poker Tour™ as a freelance writer? It's exciting ... very exciting!

FREELANCE POKER WRITING: How to Make Money Writing for the Gaming Industry is the first book showing freelance writers how to make money writing for the gaming industry. Why now? Why a book on writing for the gaming industry? Both poker and casino-style games have been growing in popularity -- and so has the writing opportunities.

Writing about poker and gaming is more than covering live poker tournaments and events; and it's more than just writing about poker. The Internet has spawned many online writing opportunities, such as blogging, writing for poker and gaming websites, self-publishing, and writing SEO articles for companies and affiliates. And “poker writing” is more than writing about the games of poker. Poker writing encompasses the influences of poker, such as entertainment, technology, psychology, law, lifestyle, money, travel, and so on. Writing about poker and gaming, along with their influences on society, is limitless.

Freelance Poker Writing is a solid how-to, no-hype guide to help you break into this growth industry and succeed as a freelance writer. Inside, you will receive sound advice and proven techniques to help you make money in this industry. You will also meet many professional freelance writers and poker players who share their insight, advice and experiences.

Author Brian Konradt, a professional freelance writer with over a decade of experience, introduces writers to the exciting and thrilling world of poker and gaming. He shows readers step-by-step how to cover poker tournaments, poker events, and poker-related topics, and sell what they write to magazines, newspapers, websites, companies and other media outlets in the gaming industry.

Are you ready to take the plunge into the exciting world of freelance poker writing?



About the Author
Brian Konradt has been a professional freelance writer for over a decade. He has written for many publications and companies in several industries. He is a former freelance copywriter and magazine publisher. He is currently principal of a communications consulting firm in South Carolina.



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