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Kelly's Last Chance by Richard Lemmon

Kelly's Last Chance

by Richard Lemmon

182 pages
Man kidnaps preacher and wealthy woman to rescue miners.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
When Kelly Allison's mother dies, she leaves him an old plantation known as Allison House. When an aging Kelly reviews his life to that point and finds that he's done nothing worthwhile, he decides that, before it's too late, he must find something worthwhile to do. To finance his venture, whatever it will be, he mortgages the plantation. But when he decides that his good deed will be moving a town of unemployed coal-miners, their families and their belongings out West, where they will have a better future, he finds himself short of the ten plus million dollars his chosen venture will take.

To make up the difference, Kelly decides to kidnap two wealthy people and direct that thier ransom be used to finance that move. The first one chosen is a a nasty evangelical minister named Billy Joe Talbot, the second, a female CEO named Parity Thompson. The plan is to bring them to Allison House where they can be safely emprisoned while awaiting the collection of their ransoms. To guard them he'll use his three Dobermans, Bittersweet, Huckleberry and Mistletoe and to help around the plantation, he'll use his equally aging black housekeeper and friend,Viney.

But nothing goes right for his kidnappees when Billy Joe's wife, Mabelle, decides, in his absence, to team up with her lover, Jim Mather, ignore the ransom demand and take over his TV show. Parity has similar problems when her Board of Directors, taking advantage of her absence, initiates a proxy fight designed to unseat her as President of Thompson Industries. Fighting in her behalf to raise the ransom and hold the fort, her Vice-President, Bob Cox, hires a private investigator to find where she is being held.

A strange romance develops when Parity and Kelly discover that their goals in life and their values are much the same.



About the Author
Born in Louisville, Ky., high school in Rochester, N.Y., served in the Navy. College in St. Louis and then went to work for IBM and NASA in the Space Program, serving in Mission Control. Retired in Houston, Tx. with wife Maryann, enjoying writing and photgraphy.



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